Saturday, 15 November 2014

Beauty and Hair

Hair & Beauty  

Hey guys sorry l haven't been on here in ages , been busy with driving lesson, a new course that l started and with life in general 

I thought l'd make a video on 3 of my essential favourites.

Starting with my Nivea eye make up remover , its my saviour in the mornings before l start my course for removing any excess make up l didn't get off the night before. It comes in a clear blue bottle with a white lid , l got 125ml bottle and it has lasted me ages . The only thing l would say about this it is sightly stingy around the eyes but l've had worse. I normally get a cotton pad and gently rub it off 

Next on my list is Garnier's Ultimate Blends , The Sleek Perfector. In one word perfection it makes your hair so soft and you can use it for protecting your hair before heat styling which l love and lt keeps your hair silky .DON'T use too much though because you can make your hair look greasy. It comes in a 150ml bottle in a brownish bronzy bottle . I really recommend you at least try this and tell me what you think.

Now finally we come to the famous Coconut Oil, it is great for everything , colds & flus , cooking , moisturizing your skin and conditioning your hair . l got mine in Tesco and it was really cheap and Natural which won't do you any harm unless you are Allergic in that situation stay well away :P 

Okay well l think thats all for now , thank you so much for reading and lf you have any questions feel free to ask 

Lots of love 

Rose x 

Thursday, 18 September 2014

How to make a cup of tea

Boohoo Update & Zoeva

Boohoo Update & Zoeva 

So on Tuesday l received an email refunding me for my order 

on boohoo but l can't believe it took me contacting them to 

refund me , lt should of been do automatically but hey you live 

and you learn , won't be buying of them again. 

On other news l am thinking of ordering some make up from  

Zoeva , if anyone on here has used their products or ordered 

from them  let me know, just doing some research on whether they are animal cruelty free and what kind of chemicals they use in their 

products don't want any nasty surprises on my skin :) <3

Lots of Love 

Rose xx

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Oscar Pistorius

Ok well my rant this week is going to be on  Oscar Pistorius, a 

murderous asshole , l mean if any ordinary person did 

what he did would end up in jail but because he is famous he 

gets a less harsh sentence but in 

my eyes murder is murder and to be honest if you woke up and 

your girlfriend wasnt there you would 

call out for her you wouldn't pull out your gun and shoot 

through the bathroom door , HE IS GUILTY STUPID 

JUSTICE SYSTEM , sorry but lt annoys me because he is an 

south african athelete he gets away with it.

All that crying was for show and we all could tell it was , poor 

girl and poor family , l feel really sorry for them , to lose a 

daughter to a cheater, murder and liar . 

Karma will catch him 

Warning Boohoo Disappointment

Not Ordering of Boohoo Again 

Hey girlies , okay l bought something off boohoo and l was really excited to get my order and when they said everything was dispatched l was so happy because I thought everything was in stock because usually companies would tell you if something wasn't in stock. I waited a few days and l finally got my package when l first got it l thought it was a bit small, l opened it and it was two of the items l ordered instead of 4 items , l was really disappointed, there was no where on the invoice telling me the clothes l ordered was not in stock and no apology , l didn't get an email either. 

I looked at my bank statement and l am still charged for the four items and l was charged for the delivery as well , so l contacted boohoo and this is what l sent them  and the email l got when my order was dispatched 

Sorry couldn't get the whole email just screen shotting the email but l got promotions as well so l should of gotten them in the invoice that l got , so l got no discount and no free delivery

Here is the email l got back from boohoo

Here is the email l got back from boohooOkay so am l supposed to think lf l had not contacted them l would not get a refund  

Really their customer service needs a great inprovement 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Oriflame Update

So a bit of sad news , my consultant has stopped doing 

Oriflame but l'm thinking of still buying their products online , 

l was just wondering , does anyone know if is expensive to order 

online on the delivery. 

At the moment , l've still got an order coming just have to go 

collect it from my consultant so plan to do another haul and 

review on the stuff l bought a while ago and on the products l 

just bought so excited to the get the stuff l ordered . Going to 

miss getting my orders from her but oh well what can you do . 

Going to have a look online and see what l can find .

Lots of Love 
Rose XXX

Fault in our Stars Critism

            Fault in Our Stars 

Just want to say love this film really touched me since l lost 

my gran to cancer last year the week of my wedding so was 

bawling at the end of this film but let me begin with there will be SPOILERS in this. 

I thought there were a few things however that bothered me about this story and I will list them below.

1. Why did people start clapping when Augustus & Hazel kissed 

in the Anne Frank Museum , seemed a bit odd to me , would you 

think it was weird if your boyfriend kissed you and a lot of 

strangers started clapping. 

2. Why did Augustus not want Hazel to call 911 when he 

obviously  he was in danger of dying , seemed a little stupid to 


3. There are a few cliche moments for instance , when Hazel was 

at the meeting where she meets Augustus and you know they 

are going to be together with the cliche looking at each other 

and looking at each other in a certain way throughout the movie.

There are the ones l can think of but as l say on the whole this 

movie is a great one and would still recommend it . 

Lots of Love 

Rose xxx

Saturday, 6 September 2014

New Job YAY !!!!!!!!!

 Lets Celebrate :) 

So this week has been a very productive one , l got a job finally 

at an estate agents well its an internship but still happy l got 

through with the interview, its a great job and love it , 

answering the phone is a bit nerve wrecking but l'm getting 

used to it, I think l need to just get used to actually working 

again , its been a while l mean l've been doing the courses but 

its not the same .Oh random but tried out the naked 3 , picture of my attempt is below 

 Other news been busy with writing my story called Invasion of 

Egypt  ,I have been writing it for a few years going back and 

forth with it so l don't think l will be finished for years yet but 

there is no rush l love doing it . Nothing new besides that just 

waiting for my learner permit still hasn't come yet oh and 

ordered from boohoo so might do a haul on that when lt comes 

got stuff before so l might throw that last order in with the new 

one , Okay going to let you go.Hope everyone is having a great weekend 

Lots of love 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Passed My Drivers Theory Test

Passed My Driver Theory Test !!!!!!

So Happy passed my theory drivers test by a 100% . spent a few weeks studying for it and couldn't believe it when l came out and he said l passed and l didn't look at the results and had to look at it twice when l got 40 out of 40 , was lucky if l passed . Just want to say to those thinking of taking it , TAKE IT , lf l can pass it anyone can and its a great thing to have. All l have to do now is take my lessons and pass the actual driving test . If anyone has taken it would love some tips on how to pass it . Going to go now lots of love

Rose xxx

Monday, 11 August 2014

Hey guys so finally got the naked 3 , have waited for months since l first found out about it and absolutely LOVE IT !!! The colours are rose toned as most of you know and I have pale skin so they go together so perfectly , l love the way you get a proper brush with it not one of those ones that last a few goes and its ready to throw into the bin . 

Now the downsides , the colour dust is lovely but really wish you got more glitter but still is great , would love to know what you think of this palette and what you like and hate about it :) If you would like to see the video on this please visit my channel through this link