Friday, 22 August 2014

Passed My Drivers Theory Test

Passed My Driver Theory Test !!!!!!

So Happy passed my theory drivers test by a 100% . spent a few weeks studying for it and couldn't believe it when l came out and he said l passed and l didn't look at the results and had to look at it twice when l got 40 out of 40 , was lucky if l passed . Just want to say to those thinking of taking it , TAKE IT , lf l can pass it anyone can and its a great thing to have. All l have to do now is take my lessons and pass the actual driving test . If anyone has taken it would love some tips on how to pass it . Going to go now lots of love

Rose xxx

Monday, 11 August 2014

Hey guys so finally got the naked 3 , have waited for months since l first found out about it and absolutely LOVE IT !!! The colours are rose toned as most of you know and I have pale skin so they go together so perfectly , l love the way you get a proper brush with it not one of those ones that last a few goes and its ready to throw into the bin . 

Now the downsides , the colour dust is lovely but really wish you got more glitter but still is great , would love to know what you think of this palette and what you like and hate about it :) If you would like to see the video on this please visit my channel through this link