Sunday, 20 December 2015

Goodbye Sheldon RIP XXX (May 2011 - 16/12/2015)

On Wednesday night we let Sheldon ,our beautiful cat out to do his business , my sister and l were having a few drinks and my husband was checking to see lf he had come in yet. Sometimes he would stay out for hours .When my sister had left at 2 am we checked again and he wasn't in yet so we stayed up all night and there was no sign . Really worried we thought that one of the neighbours might have taken him because he was so friendly he would come up to anyone .

 At about 12 the next day my sister called me to tell me that her other half harry had seen a black cat out on the road that had been run over....... Stephen went out with the car and a towel to bring him home , l knew as soon as he came back with the car it was him. My poor husband had to pick him up and bury him. I wish l didn't see his face , it didn't look like Sheldon , his face was really damaged :(  We took him out the back of our house and had a little funeral and said our goodbyes.

Sheldon was a beautiful little boy , he was so friendly and loved jumping on to my lap and everyone else's lap. He loved his cuddles, his ham, opening doors to get in so he could sit with you. I loved him so much and miss him ,we've only had him for 4 years and wish he hadn't of gone so young. I loved it at night when he'd jump on top of the bed nudge your arm so he could climb under the blankets so he could stay warm and cuddle into you. He used to play with Marme a lot and stayed away from Amy.

I can't believe hes gone , l can't stop crying and feel so heartbroken  :( 

My poor little Angel.

Sheldon opening the door 

Sheldon with Amy when they were kittens 
I still wait for you Sheldon to come back even though l know you're gone, l will love you forever and miss you dearly. I can't believe you're actually gone my little baby.

Goodbye Sheldon , my beautiful boy l hope to see you one day and show you how much l care about you and love you .


RIP 17/12/2015 :(

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette ''''First Thoughts''''

My first impression is wow l love the different packaging. l find it a bit weird tho that they didn't call it naked 4 but l love the smoky design on the cover. Its a bit different than the naked 2 & 3 because this has a more plastic feel than the tin feel. 

The colours in this palette are definitely more smoky than the rest of the other palettes, lots of blues and grays along with browns but my favourite is the dark purple shade in this called smolder and there are one or two pink shades thrown in there too . I can't wait to wear these.

When l swatched these it took me twice to get a decent swatch so l don't know if lt's my palette that l got but it isn't very pigmented compared to the others l bought. I do like the feel of them and l think they will blend very easily but we'll see.

If anyone else has gotten this palette , l'd love to know what you thought of it , please comment below :) 

Lots of Love 

Rose xx 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas '''Part 2'''

This is part two to my Christmas gift ideas , getting closer now only a few weeks left until Christmas so l hope this list helps you decide.

For Women

Again we are starting with the ladies in your life and the links are down belloow :) 

The first one is more of a stocking filler but if you are on a budget these Yankee candles would be perfect , they sell them in Boots on a 3 for 2 offer.
 The two that l have here come in the scents are angel's wings which is a vanilla christmasy smell , the next one is Christmas memories which has a very strong Cinnamon scent. Both of them are nice for someone who loves Christmas scents . These cost 23.00 from Boots 

Yankee Candle Christmas 2 Small Jars Gift

The next gift I have is a scarf from Amazon , l will put the link below , it was really cheap but wanted it as a stocking filler . Its black and has a lovely Aztec design on it :) The quality is okay but for nearly £5 its great , l will give you a link below and the price. I love Amazon , l can't wait till they have black Friday . Okay so it costs £4.52 :) 

Pia Rossini Women's Fortuna Aztec Scarf 

For Men 

The first one for men is this Fcuk gift set , it has boxers , a body spray and body and hair wash, l thought this would be a nice gift for someone who likes Fcuk products . I got this from boots at the price of €22.00 , l will link it below :) 

The next gift l have is from Amazon and its a portable charger , so if you go out and you can't find anywhere to charge your phone you can bring this with you , all you have to do is hook this up to your computer to charge . I got it from Amazon for £10.99 but the prices are always going up or down , l will link this product below so you can have a look.

Another one I have is a book called Steve Jobs: The Biography, if you have anyone who loves biographies this is a good one to get. l got this from Amazon as well and they sell a lot of books at a reasonable price so l will link this below and the prices vary depending on what covering you want .

The last one is from Salt &Worth, it is a fishing tool .I think it is pretty cool because you can open bottles with it , its a fish scraper and has a fishing line fastener. You can get this from Boots on the 3 for 2 offer. It costs €22.00 and l will also link it below.

I hope this helps you choose a gift for that special person and thank you so much for taking the time to read this post , if you like what you have read please feel free to follow and share 

Lots of love

Rose xx

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Drunk Tag

So l don't know if this tag already exists but l thought l'd do it and make up the questions  :) 

What do you normally drink to get you drunk? 

 I find vodka usually gets me rat arsed lol, red wine with it is a bad mix though (never did it again)

What is the drunkest you ever been? 

I think it was in Downings bay in Donegal , Ireland . My sister and l were out and we were going back to the hotel and l was dying to go to the toliet and the doors of the hotel where locked so l jumped into someones garden and the rest was history , lots of bruises the next day lol 

How much does it take to get you drunk? 

Not much , l'm 4ft9 so very little , l'd say a bottle and a half of wine , l'd be wasted.

Who is your favourite drinking buddy ? 

I have loads but l think its my sister and my best friend they've seen me at my worst so they don't bad an eyelid plus they are alot of fun to be around lol 

Have you ever done anything that you have really regretted when drunk?

Of course I have , l think the thing l have regretted the most is when l've spent a ton of money only to realise the next morning OOPS lol 

What do you like to do when your drunk ?

 I love to dance sing and do very silly things :P 

What music do you listen to when drunk ?

I listen to all sorts  , l love to listen to anything l can dance to , a guilty pleasure is disney songs :) 

Okay this my little tag hope you enjoyed it :) 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas


Its come to that time of the year again Christmas and everyone is dreading one thing buying Christmas presents . the easy part is buying them but the hard part is knowing what to get them. 
I have collected a few of my ideas and would love to share them with you.

For Women 

 It all depends on what she is into but l always enjoy a gift that has the most thought and effort put into it. If you are planning on buying her a gift , I have a few ideas below

Naked Smoky Palette from Urban Decay its a really nice eyeshadow palette if she loves doing smoky eyes this one is great. Its very pigmented just like the other Urban Decay Products. Its €46.00 from Debenhams. 

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

The next one is Dolce & Gabanna Light blue perfume gift set from Boots , this was actually really reasonable , lts a lovely floral sweet scent and it has the perfume and body cream .It is on a special offer in boots and costs €53.00

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Gift Set

The last gift for her is this No7 Radiance Regime from Boots , it has a variation of eye creams and Facial creams l think is good for someone who is really into skincare especially the face. This little beauty is €20 and is also on the 3 for 2 offers. 

No7 Radiance Regime

For Men 

For men l have two items , l always find it hard to buy for men , especially my dad because he has everything 

This fragrance by Ralph Lauren is lovely , when l gave it to my husband he wanted to keep it. Its called Polo Red and l ordered it from Boots. It includes the fragrance and shower gel and costs €40

The last one is this leather wallet designed by Totes , its a 100% leather on the outside, l got one for my husband and its really great quality , the pockets inside are tight so your cards don't fall out and there is a place to put all your coins. I got this from Boots as well and it is apart of the 3 for 2 offers so you could get this free if you wanted to go for the offer. If you don't want to go for the offer its €17.50

I hope this helps you find that gift , l will have another one up in the next few days from Amazon which will include books and a little gadget . Thank you for reading. :-) x

Thursday, 19 November 2015

How l Gave Up Smoking

So this month is my two year anniversary on when l gave up smoking. l can't believe it , it feels like only a year ago but l'm so proud of myself. 

It was a bit of a journey to get to where l am now and l'm not going to say it is easy but lf you want to give up you can, all you need is a strong will and lots of motivation but l have a few tips on what will help you.


You must believe in yourself and tell yourself you can do it , l know it may seem impossible but nothing is impossible and all you have to do is train your brain.

Try and Avoid foods, drinks or certain situations that make you want to have a cigarette. Mine was alcohol and tea or anything that you wanted a cigarette with so for the first two months l avoided them and when l knew it was safe l started drinking them again.

I would buy munchies if l felt like having a cigarette or chewing gum and chew it for a few minutes until that feeling went away.I know its a horrible feeling but lt WILL go away!!

Ask family members and friends who smoke not to smoke in your house , there is nothing worse when they smoke in front of you and when they leave the smell lingers and makes it harder for you.

If you crave a cigarette after your dinner or after food , chew gum or drink some water it is your brain craving the nicotine and it will last for 15 minutes max once you get over that 15 minutes you will feel so proud.

Next one is treat yourself , l still do ,every month l buy myself something nice because its like a reward , this month was the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

The last advice is , if someone tries to persuade to you to smoke a cigarette when you're out say no , they're not your real friend , real friends don't do it. 

I really hope this helps , remember only you can help you quit, all it takes is saying no and being strong . I wish you good luck in your journey.

I'm going to say goodbye and thank you so much for reading this , l know  how hard it is and l hate when people used to say , why don't you just quit its not that easy , it took me a few goes but you can do it .

lots of love Rose xx

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Prayers for Paris

I know its late but l have been completely shocked about what happened in Paris , those poor people and their families. 

More than 129 innocent people brutally killed, l really hope our governments tighten up security because those animals are pure evil and won't stop until we are all gone. 

I just want to send those families and friends my condolences , such a horrible thing to happen 

May those angels rest in peace in heaven  

All we want is peace 

Benefit Offer

Hey girlies so l was looking through the Boots website and Benefit have great offers on there at the moment but since l have never tried Benefit products l didn't want to spend a lot of money incase l didn't like them. 

So l went for the minis in where you can get 4 products for €20 and you can also get a free Benefit stocking. l didn't really care about the stocking but it might make a nice little decoration for Christmas.

So l will put up a link below on this offer , they don't have a huge choice on the minis but lf your like me and just want to see what the quality is like l think its a great idea.

I'm not sponsored by benefit , l just saw this  last week and thought it might be a good idea for people like me who haven't tried them :) 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pet Passports

Okay so we where suppose to move to the UK this year but our plans completely changed,we had everything organised but the job prospects were not great where we were moving so we decided to stay here.

In the process of planning and Organising we had to get pet passports so we could bring our three cats , what you have to do is a few of the following 

  • You have to go to your local Vet and make sure the animals are fit to travel 
  • Make sure they are vaccinated against Rabies 
  • Make sure they are Microchipped 

Our Vet went and did our passports , he asked us to come in the day after to collect them so they don't take long.

The cost of it for us was around 300 for 3 cats , l don't know how much it would be for dogs.

Its really important because they can stop you and refuse your pet I will put a link below if your planning on moving from Ireland,

I know its a bit random to my Blog but l found when l was planning to move this information was interesting so this helps some of you pet owners :)  

Here is a link:

Friday, 6 November 2015

A Little Shopping Trip

Two weeks back I went on a little shopping trip with hubby and l decided l didn't have enough clothes and jewellery. So l stopped by in Dorothy Perkins , New look and Oasis. 

I wanted to get two statement necklaces as l call them , so while l was having a look in Dorothy Perkins l came across these two beauties. These were on sale by the way :) The first one l think was around £10 but l absolutely love it , lt's so easy to put on because the clasps are big, some clasps l find hard to open and close. It looks great on too. lts not to high up or low just perfect.

              The other necklace l got was this beautiful necklace with birds that are flying, l like the way it just fits around my neck , its sits just right . I think this one was around £10 as well , it was so worth it . I might wear this one at 

Next I am going to show you the other jewellery l bought which are these pair of earrings also from Dorothy Perkins. One was £5 and the other was £3.The one that was £3 had one of the dangly pieces missing but I didn't mind , you'd hardly notice it. I have only worn the gold one and they seem to be fine , l love them both but the gold one is definitely my favourite.


Now on to the clothes , l was looking around at the bargain rail and l saw this dress and l was like hmm l could wear this for a meeting by putting a blazer over it or for going to out to dinner it looks very versatile and would be great for when winter comes . I was thinking of pairing it with a pair of black heels and black tights it could look great.When l do l'll post a picture on here. Not a bad Purchase if l do say so .

The last thing l bought from Dorothy Perkins was this pinkish top/blouse , its very flattering on , lt covers all the bumps .I have this thing where l buy clothes that could serve a few situations such as interviews, parties and just going to the pub. 

I think l might wear this Christmas day because l want to be comfy and styish as well. I love the detailing with the gold and the little diamante makes it look fancy hehe 

Okay we are leaving Dorothy Perkins and l'm going to show you what l got from Oasis. I love this black blazer, l recently had a job interview and l couldn't find my blazer so l had to go buy one and l found this , its very comfy , it doesn't button up, hate things that have buttons lol It has a little bit of padding on the shoulders but it doesn't make you look like one of those american footballers lol Its actually very fitted and comfortable. Hopefully l will get alot of wear from this .

The next two are from New Look.The first one, a wine coloured flowing cardigan , what l like about this cardigan its smart looking , you could wear a dress under it on an evening out or you could pair it with a pair of jeans going out with some nice books , Its very warm as well which l needed coming into the winter months . It has long sleeves and is long enough to cover your thighs and bottom BEST BUY!!!!

This top l got from New look  , the picture didn't come out well but its a black top with dark blue in places , lts really nice . It has silver embroidery . The only thing l will say about this top it has very light fabric so you'd have to wear a cardigan with it , the fabric is nice and soft. I've worn this with blue leggings and a black cardigan just to dress it up a little.

Okay so thats all l got from my shopping trip , l'm sorry l haven't got the prices for the other items , l've lost the receipts. Thank you so much for reading my blog and l hope to make more of these in the future.

Lots of Love 

Rose xx

The Big Bang Theory Spoilers!!! Season 9 Episode 7 Review

The Big Bang theory  
Season 9 Episode 7

 In this episode , Adam Nimoy comes along with Will Wheaton to interview Sheldon for a new documentary about the life of spock that Adam is making. Another story in this episode is when Bernadette wants to redecorate the house but Howard doesn’t want to.

l found this episode very entertaining compared to last week’s episode , l loved how we found out a lot more about Sheldon's character and on how much he loves and still yearns for Amy. I also think the reaction of Penny and Leonard was priceless when they found out he was going to propose to Amy. I find it sad at the end on Sheldon's reaction.

On to the Bernadette and Howard story, l enjoyed it too but I did however find it a bit annoying that Howard hasn’t changed much compared to the other characters.He is still acts like a boy rather than a grown man. l know he has gotten married but his character hasn’t developed that much in my opinion.

On the whole l think this episode is worth watching and looking forward to next weeks one. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Brooklyn Movie Spoiler Review


Just as a warning this review will contain a few spoilers.

Brooklyn is about a girl called Eilis Lacey who is sent over to Brooklyn by a priest whom was asked by Eilis's sister Rose Lacey to send her there. The Priest gets her a job, place and helps her in her journey to America.

Eilis finds it hard in the beginning with leaving her family and Ireland and It becomes all to much until she is sent to the priest who helps her out by sending her into a soup kitchen , in comes alot of Irish old men and is entertained by an Irish singer.During this moment tears gather in her eyes as she remembers what she left behind. Later she gets with a group of girls and goes to a dance where she meets a handsome Italian man called Tony. They dance and leave  together after that the romance quickly follows with them seeing each other everyday resulting in them falling in love with each other.Eilis's happiness is short lived  when she receives some terrible news on the death of her sister Rose. Grief stricken and sickened that she could not attend her funeral she tells tony she is going back to Ireland to comfort her mother. Tony is afraid she won't return to Ireland and asks her to marry him , she hesitates at first but then accepts his proposal.
Back in Ireland , Eilis helps her mother and attends her mass , meeting her friend who tells her that she is engaged and wants her to come to her wedding. Eilis realises that she is going to have to stay a bit longer than what she told Tony. 
Coming home her mother asks her to help her sisters recent workplace out and when she does Rose's boss makes it apparent he wants her to stay and work for him which makes it harder for her to go back to Brooklyn. 

Hanging out with her friend she gets to know Jim Farrell and they start a friendship.Tony writes to her but only got one letter and later we realise she pushes them into a draw.  Jim is very attracted to her and tries to persuade her to stay and tells her that he really likes her but she can't decide in which man and country she wants.

It all comes to blow when her previous employer tells her that she knows she married and Eilis has the courage to stand up to her and hers her that shes married. She goes home to her mother , She tells her ''I'm sorry mammy'' and tells her that she moving back to America

On the whole , l really liked this film , l got transported back in time and l felt like l was Eilis, I experienced everything that she did, a real tear jerker. I loved the fact that you saw her begin as a very shy quiet person to a confident young woman who was very happy in herself. The scenery in the film was beautiful with the beach and countryside in Ireland and the city of Brooklyn. I adored the fact that most of the Irish people where played my Irish actors and actresses.
I did however feel that some scenes were too long and that the last part of the film was very rushed with her coming back to Ireland and going back to Brooklyn. I also felt like at some points Eilis's character become a bit unlikeable especially when she was considering staying even though she promised tony she would come back but these were only minor complaints. 

I would definitely recommend for people to watch this film , it makes you think about what it would be like to move away from your family and friends into a new life.