Sunday, 20 December 2015

Goodbye Sheldon RIP XXX (May 2011 - 16/12/2015)

On Wednesday night we let Sheldon ,our beautiful cat out to do his business , my sister and l were having a few drinks and my husband was checking to see lf he had come in yet. Sometimes he would stay out for hours .When my sister had left at 2 am we checked again and he wasn't in yet so we stayed up all night and there was no sign . Really worried we thought that one of the neighbours might have taken him because he was so friendly he would come up to anyone .

 At about 12 the next day my sister called me to tell me that her other half harry had seen a black cat out on the road that had been run over....... Stephen went out with the car and a towel to bring him home , l knew as soon as he came back with the car it was him. My poor husband had to pick him up and bury him. I wish l didn't see his face , it didn't look like Sheldon , his face was really damaged :(  We took him out the back of our house and had a little funeral and said our goodbyes.

Sheldon was a beautiful little boy , he was so friendly and loved jumping on to my lap and everyone else's lap. He loved his cuddles, his ham, opening doors to get in so he could sit with you. I loved him so much and miss him ,we've only had him for 4 years and wish he hadn't of gone so young. I loved it at night when he'd jump on top of the bed nudge your arm so he could climb under the blankets so he could stay warm and cuddle into you. He used to play with Marme a lot and stayed away from Amy.

I can't believe hes gone , l can't stop crying and feel so heartbroken  :( 

My poor little Angel.

Sheldon opening the door 

Sheldon with Amy when they were kittens 
I still wait for you Sheldon to come back even though l know you're gone, l will love you forever and miss you dearly. I can't believe you're actually gone my little baby.

Goodbye Sheldon , my beautiful boy l hope to see you one day and show you how much l care about you and love you .


RIP 17/12/2015 :(

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette ''''First Thoughts''''

My first impression is wow l love the different packaging. l find it a bit weird tho that they didn't call it naked 4 but l love the smoky design on the cover. Its a bit different than the naked 2 & 3 because this has a more plastic feel than the tin feel. 

The colours in this palette are definitely more smoky than the rest of the other palettes, lots of blues and grays along with browns but my favourite is the dark purple shade in this called smolder and there are one or two pink shades thrown in there too . I can't wait to wear these.

When l swatched these it took me twice to get a decent swatch so l don't know if lt's my palette that l got but it isn't very pigmented compared to the others l bought. I do like the feel of them and l think they will blend very easily but we'll see.

If anyone else has gotten this palette , l'd love to know what you thought of it , please comment below :) 

Lots of Love 

Rose xx