Tuesday, 26 April 2016

First impressions of the Gwen Stefani palette from Urban Decay


Recently l decided to treat myself to a new palette for my birthday that was a week ago and l had no idea on which one l wanted so l started to look at random palettes and l came across this one which l love .

Its from Urban Decay and they collaborated with Gwen Stefani to create a new range. They have a blush palette, 8 lipsticks and lipliners along with an eyebrow kit with Gwen Stefani's name on it . It's basically a lot of colours that Gwen picked out that she would wear and want in her collection.

There is 15 eyeshadows in this palette , they range from mattes, shimmers and one glittery eyeshadow too. 
On the top we have Blonde,Bathwater,Skimp,Steady and Punk. In the middle there is Baby,Anaheim,Stark,Zone and Serious. The bottom ones are Pop, Harajuku,Danger,1987 and Blackout.

The Swatches 

from left to right 

Blonde would be very good as a highlighter for the brow bone , it is a pale beige and has a lovely pink sheen to it.
Bathwater is a beautiful pale beige with a gold pearl colour , its also very pigmented.
Skimp l would describe as a nude satin eyeshadow , lt has a bit of a shine to it.
Steady is a rose gold eyeshadow , very metallic and pigmented .
Punk is a reddish brown eyeshadow great for putting in the crease for a smoky eye if you don't want to use a black.

Baby is a beautiful shimmery rose coloured eyeshadow ,swatches really well so really pigmented.
Anaheim is a light taupe or brown matte eyeshadow great for a transition shadow in my opinion.
Stark is another matte colour , it is pink/nude great for a base colour.
Zone is a medium brown eyeshadow , lts matte and it would also be great for the crease.
Serious would be a smoky gray with a pearlescent overlay.

Pop is a light coral shimmery eyeshadow with flecks of glitter in it, a little bit of fallout with this.
Harajuku is a gorgeous pink shimmery eyeshadow , would love to use this with the blue.
Danger is a blue metallic eyeshadow very pigmented and powdery so put this on before foundation lots of fallout.
1987 is an olive gold colour swatches so easily so excited to use this. 
Blackout found in another urban decay palette it is a very black matte colour perfect for a smoky look.

 My first impressions of this palette


 l love the packaging , lt looks very expensive and of good quality but l wasn't too sure about it when l first ordered it , l thought lt might look a bit tacky and when l got it, lt was the complete opposite when it arrived. lt also looks a lot smaller than it does online which l actually like , lt looks very cute. It also has a weight to it  that when you take it out lt feels expensive. When l ordered it online l also received free samples of the lipsticks so l can't wait to try them too. I thought that was a good idea , hate buying lipsticks without trying them first. 

On to the actual eyeshadows themselves , l thought the majority of them were very pigmented. Some of them were a little powdery like danger and pop so when l put them on l got a little bit of fallout , so put on foundation last I've learn't my lesson....lots of little blue bits on my face isn't very attractive haha. 
I think l have to use it more to give you a review but these are just my first thoughts about the palette . So far a beautiful well balanced palette , l think its perfect for someone who is just getting into make up . 

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Lots of Love 

Rose xx

Monday, 11 April 2016

Bourjois Délice de Poudre // Bronzing & Highlighter Duo Review

I was looking at the 3 for 2 and l wanted to get the bronzer/highlighter set from Bourjois simply because l haven't tried a highlighter from bourjois and l loved the shade of bronzer you get with it. It's not too dark and not too light. I also love the smell of this bronzer / highlighter reminds me of vanilla and cinnamon together , l do think lts a bit overpowering though. 

I love the packaging it looks like theres chocolate inside , lt looks like squares of white and milk chocolate , very powdery chocolate haha. Then when you close it , lt has a magnetic bit where it sticks to.

I love the way this bronzer blends , lts subtle but gives you cheek bones (cheeky face) hehe, the highlighter is the wrong shade for me but l think lf you are more tanned lt might look better on you. You have to also build it up to see anything 

On top of make up it sits very well and lt lasts the whole day for me. 

Thank you for reading this quick review , on the whole l loved this product would l buy lt again , l'd buy the bronzer but not the highlighter , lts too sheer for me .

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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick Review

This was apart of the 3 for 2  l got  from boots .This lipstick l was pretty excited about because l had watched reviews and they were good but when l got it l was a bit disappointed and l will tell you why .

This lipstick is a liquid lipstick, it looks like a lip gloss in the way you have the applicator and has the colour in the tube.

I did love the packaging of this ,lts small and cute and it looks like it's in a glass bottle.

 It is a sheer lipstick called Cherry Leaders. It  swatched  as a lovely red/raspberry colour and it gives a matte finish.

I found applying this very easy because its small enough to get into the corners , l found that really handy because l often make a mess when applying lipsticks. 

I did however  have problems with this product l hated the tingling feeling this lipstick gave you,  lt almost  felt like this lipstick was drawing the moisture out from your lips so it became very uncomfortable to wear.

Another thing l didn't like was the smell of it , lt kind of reminded me of acrylic paint , like the paint you used to use at school , really turned me off it. 

 I know its a sheer lipstick but the colour was  too sheer for me , l almost looked like l had nothing on which l was disappointed with. 

I don't think l will be buying the rest of this collection , lf you have bought these l'd love to know what you thought , l would love opinions . If you would like more of these reviews , add me to your circles , follow me by email , l'd love lf you could share and comment :) 

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Review

I saw this foundation on Boots and what drawn me to it was the packaging , l love that slim line package with the silver screw top at the bottom .

I did however research it because l wasn't going to buy a product because of the packaging , l looked at reviews after reviews some were positive and some were negative.

In some of the reviews they said it was great for people who has dry skin or combination skin so l said why not.

I got this in the shade Vanilla which is a slightly darker shade than what l usually use because l want to use it for the Summer.

l squeezed it  on to my hand and it was very thick but  lt was so easy to blend on my hand so l was excited to use it on my face.
I loved the smell of this foundation , it was very refreshing almost smelled like cucumber.

I used a real techniques sponge to apply the foundation on to my face .Your skin doesn’t look greasy but it does looks a bit shiny. lt did make my skin look radiant when l applied it so it was true to the description.

The coverage of this wasn't a full coverage.I would say it was more of a medium coverage.

 If I looked really close I could still see some of my veins under my eye but l covered it then with some concealer and it looked good. I think lf l used a primer it would of looked better.

Once l was finished there was no tacky feeling on my skin which l was so happy about .

 l wanted to see how it would hold up once other make up was applied on top of it , l used Rimmel Stay Matte, Bourjois Blusher and Bourjois bronzer & Highlighter. I also used my Naked smoky palette from Urban Decay . 

All of the make up looked great on top with no separating,creasing and it also didn't cake on me which l’m happy about . 

I left it on all day and it didn't budge not a bad foundation in my opinion. 

Would l buy it again , Yes because it stays put on me and there is no caking or funny business going on , l would use a matte powder so it doesn't look as radiant but l love it on my skin .

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Friday, 1 April 2016

Bourjois Haul

City Radiance Foundation 

This foundation has a SPF 30 with radiance boosting pigments along with a anti pollution screen, em l don't think any foundation can protect you from pollution but anyways .l got this shade in vinalla I need a slightly darker one for summer. This comes in 6 Shades and you can get this in most chemists that sell Bourjois. When l was testing this , lts very thick so lf you like thick foundations this is great. Very blendable and gives a very dewy look l think on the skin. City Radiance costs €13.99 in boots and sometimes you can get it on the 3 for 2 offers . 

Bronzing Powder & Highlighter 

 This bronzer and highlighter from Bourjois is a duo set, they are suppose to give you a sun kissed look . When you open it you get a lovely smell of vinalla and the colour is quite good. l can't wait to try this also the swatches are quite good , great pigment!! You can get this in boots for €10.39 in Boots and its also on the 3 for 2

Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet Lipstick

This is a liquid lipstick , it's suppose to be a sheer matte lipstick . l got this in Cherry leader which looks more like a raspberry shade than cherry. It's suppose to give you 10 hours of hydration. On the website lt said lt's suppose to give a balm like texture leaving you with a pop of colour , can't wait to try this and give you a good review. Its from boots and it was €10.49, l got this free on the 3 for 2 

lf you are planning on getting this lipstick be aware than some shades do not look the same as they do in the bottle and that you will have to swatch them before you buy them. 

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I will soon have a review up of everything that l have on here .


Rose xx