Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Day Two In Naples Italy // Archaeological museum // First Pizza // Looking for an ATM

So I woke up to a very hot day in Naples I think it was over 33 degrees , it felt like the hottest day . I had to rush to get showered before l went for breakfast.We went down and there was a lovely selection of sweet and savoury to choose from since it was my first full day l chose the sweet stuff but in the end l think l should of chosen some savoury as well as it became too much. After breakfast we went back up to our room to get ready . I opened the curtains and l looked out the window and l could see a beautiful castle in the distance so we decided to go there tomarrow. 

After l had gotten ready we left the hotel and decided we wanted to go to the train station.We weren't planning on taking the train but Stephen wanted to know where it was and wanted to know what trains go to Pompeii and how to get there, when we arrived there it was so busy and it's like a shopping centre in there as well so we went and had a look. I decided that we needed to draw money out to go to the archaeological museum and for any little bits we might wanted so we spent like an hour trying to find one in this huge train centre and when we did find one it wasn't working so we decided to leave it and head for the museum.

On our trip to the museum , we must of drank litres of water and we still felt really thirsty and we came across some crazy drivers , when your in Naples traffic lights and crossings are just a suggestion people don't stop for you and even when you have right of way on the crossing drivers still shout at you so you have to make a run for it and hope for the best.

Getting to the museum , the museum was amazing it was so big , it would be like four times of a normal museum in Dublin.

 It held loads of Roman, Greek and Egyptian statues along with mosaics , paintings and there was also a large Pompeii section where you could look at all the artifects from the city, I can't wait to go to Pompeii on Wednesday its going to be so fun and interesting. I think my favourite part of the museum was the garden in the centre of it outside , lt held loads of huge artifacts and a giant head in the centre. 

After we left the museum we decided to head back to the hotel as it was getting late and we were hungry, we stopped by out our first pizzeria called vesi and it was amazing the pizza was huge with a very thin crust , I could hardly eat it all I was stuffed , I would defintely recommend it if you ever come to Naples.

After we had finished we began walking again and came across a street with loads of shops and tiny stalls , l bought 3 magnets as souvenirs .Think l might go back there tomorrow , it was so interesting to see all the different foods that were for sale.

So we got back to our hotel and I was suffering so bad with heat stroke , I had to drink loads of water with a painkiller for my headache and I took a cold shower and put loads of moisturiser on to my skin , l felt like all the energy was drained out of me and l could barely walk. I'm feeling better now but next time l'm not going to stay out in the sun as long. 

So that was my second day in Naples. Tomorrow we plan to eat more food , see Castel Dell Ovo and lf we finish that early go somewhere else.

Will see you all tomorrow

Lots of Love 



Monday, 18 July 2016

Day One In Naples Italy // Lessons learn't // Seeing the Alps

We left our house at 2 am to get to Dublin and we arrived at the airport around 4 am, we spent time looking around duty free and yes I bought the Alice through the looking glass palette from Urban Decay. I've been after it for ages and found it in duty free :) 

Our flight took off from Dublin at 6:50 and we arrived in Naples at 11:00. We saw some beautiful scenery on the way over such as the Alps , I think l was amazed at just how big and beautiful they were, I would love to go visit there. 

The plane landed and as we were getting off the heat just hit us and it felt like being in a sauna especially after getting off a cold plane. We got on to a little shuttle bus that carried us from the plane to the airport. We then had to find the taxi that the hotel organised for us to get from the airport to the hotel as it would the easiest and safest way of getting there. 
Arriving at the hotel Palazzo Salgar we were told check in isn't until 2 so we decided to leave our bags with the hotel and go out and find something to eat.

That turned out to be BAD idea be warned that there are some dodgy restaurants in Naples who will con you, we ate our meal at Ristorante la torre and he charged us 60 euros for two main courses and 2 starters with water and some bread. The man was very pushy and rude which made us feel very awkward and since it was our first day here and that we were exhausted we just paid and left but it taught me a valuable lesson to be less trusting and to ask for the price before we order and even at that the prices on the menu and they were cheap so he overcharged us but oh well lesson learn't. 

After we checked in , we were brought up to our little room and it was lovely and small but it had everything you need, the drinks in the mini bar weren't expensive a bottle of mini prosecco at 3 euro and water costs 90 cent . I haven't had breakfast here yet but l will let you know what it's like tomorrow 

Since we hadn't slept at all that night before we came and because we had to leave at 2 in the morning we decided to go to bed and sleep for the rest of the day , I woke up at around 7pm and then decided to write this blog. 

I will have another blog up tomarrow of Day 2 of my little adventures in Naples Italy :) 

Lot of Love