Monday, 5 September 2016

Day Five In Naples // Our Last Full Day // Spaccanapoli Street // Grangusto

After last night's sickness I couldn't stomach breakfast so l slept in till like 12 in the afternoon, I felt so bad not getting up early because lt was our last day in Naples and I wanted to enjoy it but oh well. I eventually got up , had a shower and got ready.

We walked up some streets and came across a street lined with make up , clothes and shoe shops so it was like heaven :) I was walking pass them and Kiko caught my eye when l went into l expected it to be expensive but lt was actually really affordable and plus they had a huge sale so I kind of splurged on a good bit of make up. Kiko l found out is cruelty free so any of you who are looking for a cruelty free make up product this might be the one for you :)

After leaving kiko and then walking for a bit , l felt hungry so we dropped into this tapas bar , it was gorgeous and l had a sneaky sangaria with it as well which was delicious. I think it was called..... I will put a picture down below.

Next place we went to was Spaccanapoli Street, I loved this place , it was a long street filled with market shops and stalls with cheesy soveniers and things you can only get in naples. We stopped by a little shop and we tasted the most delicious ice cream , l got a pischachio and melon ice cream and stephen as usual got a chocolate ice cream, I would love to go there again . I will put up a picture of it for you.

Coming home we were exhausted , l collapsed on the bed but soon after l had recovered and then we decided to go out for something to eat for our last day . We didn't want to venture far because we had to be in bed early for our flight home early the next morning. We stopped by this restuarant / grocery shop called Grangusto , it was amazing , I kind  of wished that we had gone there on our last day. I found that it wasn't that expensive each meal was around 12 to 15 euros and the staff was very friendly , even though we didn't speak Italian they tried to speak english which was a relief after the places we had been to

Leaving Grangusto we were stuffed , we made our way back to the hotel through the busy streets of Naples.Opening the door to the room , we quickly got our bags ready for the morning and climbed into bed and drifted to sleep and that ends our amazing trip to Naples.




Day Four In Naples Italy // Terrible Trains // Pompeii // Food Poisoning

As usual l had my breakfast , went back up and got ready to go to pompeii , we looked up the train routes to pompeii from Naples and headed off on our journey. Getting to the train station we bought tickets from napoli to sorrento and stopped at pompei scavi. The train journey was horrible, lt was very hot outside but when you got into the train it was packed. I was sweating so much and felt really light headed and the worse thing was you had to stand while the train was going. I think the trains are a joke over there the door was broken, there were hardly any handles for you to hold on to. lf you were standing , there was a little window up for a bit of a breeze but l recon it got to over 40 degrees in the train.

At Pompeii we made our way off the train and on to the platform , we then made our way to the Pompeii ticket office , we already had our tickets but we wanted to get an audio guide , unfortunely we couldn't get one because you needed ID so instead we decided to take a 2 hour tour guide. I think lf you are going to Pompeii you should have some sort of guide because there is so much to see and there are hardly any information on what you are seeing. I think next time l go to Pompeii I will get an audio guide because l felt like l was rushing around instead of taking my time to look around.

Pompeii was amazing it was a huge city that was covered in ash and lava by the erupting volcano Mount Vesuvius  , the city was then excavated in the 1800's and the artifacts where taken away by rich wealthy people. Today it is amazing of how much you can see and touch, you almost feel like you have been transported back in time . I felt very sad at the parts where you saw the bodies of those who perished especially with the one that had a dead child, The horror they must of gone through on that day. You also got to see the huge statues they had at the time. I have one of me beside the statue of jupiter. I definitely would recommend going  lf you really are into history and want to see what roman life was like. 

Going home we took the train back and it was even worst than on the way back , there seemed to be a lot more people and plus we were tired from all the walking that we did in pompeii and on the way there we got to sit for half the journey and on the way back we stood. 

Getting off the train in Naples we walked back to the hotel. I've never been so sweaty in all my life it was horrible, l threw off my clothes as soon as l got in the door and jumped into the shower and rested as soon as l got out. Sadly we didn't eat out because of how tired we were from the train journey and walking we decided to eat in the restaurant in the hotel. I got penne with salmon in a tomato sauce , l mean it was okay eating it l think lt tasted reheated and there was hardly any salmon in it. For some reason they served the starter after the main course and l had eggplant with tomato sauce and l think the tomato sauce tasted a bit like heinz tomato soup so i wasn't impressed at all.If you are staying at Palazzo Salgar the hotel is lovely , breakfast seems freshly made and everything else is delicious but don't bother with dinner because later that night I had severe vomiting , chills and felt so lightheaded but l didn't want to say anything because we still had another night left and I wasn't sure if it was heat stroke because we were so hot that day or food posioning so l let it go. So that was my day It was a great one seeing pompeii.

Lots of Love 



Day Three In Naples Italy // Local Supermarkets // Castel Nouvo // Wedding Anniversary

I woke up again really tired , l think lt's all the walking or the heat that's drawing the energy from my body. This morning for breakfast I had eggs and bacon and after l had tea with a few pastries , l love the food at this hotel it seems freshly made and the breakfast was free with the room that we booked so l was delighted when l found out it was nice. 

After breakfast as usual we went up to our room and got ready to go to Castel Nuovo which was about 40 min walk for us because we wanted to take our time so we didn't burn ourselves out. Leaving the hotel we came across a little ice cream shop on our travels , the men didn't speak English but we just pointed out what we wanted, l got a strawberry ice cream and then l got a vanilla ice cream with pistachio nuts in it in the same cone.My hands became very sticky after the ice cream dripped down the cone but it was lovely and kept me cool. 

After which seemed like a long walk we reached Castel Nuovo, it was massive , it reminded me of Game of thrones because of all the castles in it. Inside you had a few museums of artwork and statues , there was also a chapel and a massive hall with medieval architecture. I was a little disappointed because l wanted to see more than what they showed lt feels like there was more paintings than artifacts from the castle but lt was still good. I thought the tickets to this would be free but lt wasn't, we paid l think 13 euro in but still worth it in my opinion.

After we left the castle , we decided to make our way home and drop into a pizzeria on the way to the hotel as we were starving. It was okay l just thought it was a little overdone and it was too oily. I finished half of it and I left the rest but Stephen loved his pizza , I got a caprese pizza and Stephen got an american pizza which had hot dogs on it and chips , he said it was lovely.

When we got back we celebrated our 3rd wedding Anniversary with a glass of lemoncello that we bought in the hotel. 

It wasn't a bad day but my legs aren't liking all this walking and we have pompeii tomorrow , my poor little feet :( 

Thanks for reading my blog today